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Facebook and Myspace Graphics

Facebook and Myspace Users! Please feel free to use the graphics on this site for your albums/profile. However, if you want the graphics to show up properly you'll need to remember these simple guidelines:

First and foremost, you will NOT be able to successfully link to the images on this site. To get the graphic you want to actually show up on your profile, you'll need to download it first (just move your mouse over an image or animation and right-click - then select "Save Picture As..."). Once you download it to your computer you'll then just need to upload it to the appropriate place. For example, see the Facebook Help Center for more information.

All of the graphics here are those formats acceptable by Facebook or Myspace (either gifs or jpgs), and none of them are over 600K (Myspace's image size limit). So we welcome you to explore these galleries and add to your profile!


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