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Animated Santas Gallery 3

Welcome to our collection of animated Santas. There are 4 gallerys of animated GIF's that have just about every kind of Santa you can imagine.

If you spot a Santa Claus animation you would like, just mouse-over it, right-click, and choose "Save Picture as...".

If you don't discover what you're looking for here, you should try our Santa Clipart page, or click on the Christmas Graphics Plus banner to return to our home page.


In Chimney

Ice Skating

Stuck in Chimney


In Sleigh

Jumping on Toy Sack

North Pole Sign

Waving, Small



North Pole Sign 2


Animated Santa Gallery 1
Animated Santa Gallery 2
Animated Santa Gallery 4


If you think you would like to try editing these Christmas animations, you are free to do so. You'll just need a graphics software program such as Photoshop or Image Ready. Just don't try to link to these animated gif's - it's prohibited.


PLEASE NOTE: These images have been collected from various newsgroups and public domain sources, and all are believed to be free of copyright. If you find an image within this collection that is not free for distribution, please contact us with this information, and we will either remove the image, or credit its author.

Animated Santas gallery 3.

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